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Troubleshooting logging on Checkpoint R77.30 Windows Management Server

If you have installed a Checkpoint management server on a Windows platform, you may notice that after adding the relevant gateways and creating access rules you are not seeing any logs from any of the gateways in Smartview Tracker. Only the management server traffic is visible. I came across this issue in a lab environment… Read More »

Getting Started with Cisco Configuration Professional to Configure a ZBF

Cisco Configuration Professional is a Windows GUI application that network security administrators can use to deploy and manage multiple routers in a single environment. It can be used to configure and monitor Cisco routers without using the Cisco IOS Command Line Interface. There are two versions currently available on the market – Cisco Configuration Professional is… Read More »

Deploying a Checkpoint Firewall Solution (GAIA-R77.30)

Checkpoint is known as being a next generation firewall vendor due to being able to support advanced features up to layer 7 of the OSI model, these include “Application Filtering”, “Deep Packet Inspection(DPI)”, “IPS”, “SSL Inspection”, “AV scanning”, “Identity Management”, “URL Filtering” and many more. Checkpoint Firewalls are not zone based Firewalls unlike your Cisco or… Read More »

Blocking URLs Using MPF on the Cisco ASA

The Cisco ASA 5505 doesn’t have a built in feature for URL filtering, nowadays most next generation firewalls will have a URL filtering option built in – which can be licensed and used without the need of a separate device. Commonly this type of deployment would act as a transparent proxy. Using regular expressions with the modular policy… Read More »