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“You must disable Sophos Tamper Protection before you continue. Contact your administrator or see Sophos KBA119175”.

You may have come across an issue where you have deleted a Server or workstation from Sophos Central not realising that by default these devices are protected for “Tamper Protection”.   So now on the local machine you are attempting to uninstall “Sophos” but you can’t and keep getting an error “You must disable “Sophos… Read More »

Deploying EAP-TLS Wireless Solution in an Enterprise Environment

EAP TLS is one of the most secure methods of deploying wireless solutions in an organisation. It uses certificate based authentication both on the server side and client side to authenticate each other, the internal CA is responsible for issuing certificates to the users and computers. There are a number of ways to deploy EAP-TLS, using… Read More »

Install Certification Authority on Server 2012 R2

Microsoft’s Certification Authority is designed on Public Key Infrastructure, the CA is responsible for attesting to the identity of users, computers and organizations. the CA authenticates an entity and vouches for an identity by issuing a digital certificate which is signed by the CA. The CA also manages the revocation and renewal of certificates. Certificates… Read More »

Configure RADIUS Authentication on Server 2012 R2 for Cisco Devices

In this step-by-step guide we will setup NPS as a RADIUS server to authenticate users for our Cisco 3560X switch, this process will work on most Cisco switches and routers. In this example we will be using two AD security groups to define level 15 and level 1 user access. This is a good practice, for… Read More »

Install Network Policy Server (NPS) on Server 2012 R2

NPS (Network Policy Server) is also known as RADIUS, NPS allows you to create and configure network access policies for client health, connection request authentication, and connection request authorization. NPS can also be used to set-up a RADIUS proxy, which is used to forward remote access connection requests to another RADIUS server that can authorize or… Read More »