Paping TCP Port Tester

Paping is used for testing TCP ports, a very useful tool that helps with troubleshooting network issues. Syntax paping.exe -p 443 -c 5 Download paping,rar

Deploying a Checkpoint Firewall Solution (GAIA-R77.30)

Checkpoint is known as being a next generation firewall vendor due to being able to support advanced features up to layer 7 of the OSI model, these include “Application Filtering”, “Deep Packet Inspection(DPI)”, “IPS”, “SSL Inspection”, “AV scanning”, “Identity Management”, “URL Filtering” and many more. Checkpoint Firewalls are not zone based Firewalls unlike your Cisco or… Read More »


  Language Version Size Arch-Type Platform English 5.40 1916 KB 32bit Windows Download: Winrar

Blocking URLs Using MPF on the Cisco ASA

The Cisco ASA 5505 doesn’t have a built in feature for URL filtering, nowadays most next generation firewalls will have a URL filtering option built in – which can be licensed and used without the need of a separate device. Commonly this type of deployment would act as a transparent proxy. Using regular expressions with the modular policy… Read More »