Password Recovery on Cisco 9300 Series Switch

By | December 31, 2019

Password recovery on a 9300 series switch may be required if you have lost the local username/password or the enable secret for the device and there is no AAA authentication in place.

In this situation you can simply use the following process to gain access to the switch and reset the lost passwords. This process is the same for the 9200 and 3850 series switches.

Step 1. Connect to the switch using a console session

Step 2. Power down the switch by pulling the power cable out from the back

Step 3. Plug the power cable back in, as soon as the System LED blinks, press and release the Mode button 2-3 times, alternatively while connecting the power cable continuously press the “Mode” button repeatedly until the prompt displays “switch”


Step 4. At the prompt type:


And then reboot the switch

Switch: boot

Step 5. Once the switch reboots, copy the startup-config into the running-config

Switch# copy startup-config running-config

Step 6. Reset the lost passwords or create a new user account

XYZ-Switch# conf t

XYZ-Switch(config)# username admin privilege 15 secret Cisco123

XYZ-Switch(config)# enable secret Cisco321

Step 7. Remove the boot variables back to default for the boot loader process

#XYZ-Switch(config)# no system ignore startupconfig switch all

Step 8. Save the new configuration

XYZ-Switch# copy running-config startup-config

Step 9. Reboot and test the switch to ensure the boot method is back to default and the new passwords are working.




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