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Cisco Wireless – Central Authentication using EAP-TLS with vWLC as the AAA Server

EAP-TLS can be deployed a number of ways in  “Deploying EAP-TLS Wireless Solution in an Enterprise Environment” we demonstrated RADIUS authentication using a Microsoft Server 2012 R2 as a AAA server. In this example we will use the WLC to perform the authentication centrally instead of forwarding the requests. Although it is better and more secure to… Read More »

Configure RADIUS Authentication on Server 2012 R2 for Cisco Devices

In this step-by-step guide we will setup NPS as a RADIUS server to authenticate users for our Cisco 3560X switch, this process will work on most Cisco switches and routers. In this example we will be using two AD security groups to define level 15 and level 1 user access. This is a good practice, for… Read More »

Cisco Wireless – Central Authentication using EAP-FAST with vWLC as the AAA Server

EAP-FAST – Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunnelling is a proprietary 802.11X authentication method from Cisco. FAST does not require certificates, the protocol creates a tunnel between the user and AAA server and uses PAC – Protected Access Credentials as part of the algorithm, clients must support this in order to be compatible. Not all clients will… Read More »