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Cisco Wireless – Central Authentication using EAP-TLS with vWLC as the AAA Server

EAP-TLS can be deployed a number of ways in  “Deploying EAP-TLS Wireless Solution in an Enterprise Environment” we demonstrated RADIUS authentication using a Microsoft Server 2012 R2 as a AAA server. In this example we will use the WLC to perform the authentication centrally instead of forwarding the requests. Although it is better and more secure to… Read More »

Deploying EAP-TLS Wireless Solution in an Enterprise Environment

EAP TLS is one of the most secure methods of deploying wireless solutions in an organisation. It uses certificate based authentication both on the server side and client side to authenticate each other, the internal CA is responsible for issuing certificates to the users and computers. There are a number of ways to deploy EAP-TLS, using… Read More »